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The Red October

Step By Step Tying Instructions

For The Redd October Midge Larva Pattern


I'm proud to say this bloodworm pattern is one of the simplest yet most effective patterns I've ever used

HOOK: Size #12 - #6 Dry Fly 94833 Mustad
THREAD: Black 8/O.
RIB: Fine Gold Wire.
BODY: Small Red Holographic Tinsel 
BEAD: Gold 3/32"

Step 1

We start with a Mustad dry fly hook in size 12 - 6.  I use a dry fly hook as it is thinner then nymph hooks keeping the profile down.

Step 2

Pinch down the barb and add a gold bead head in size 3/32

Step 3

Using black 8/O thread, tie down some fine gold wire to one side of the hook from the bead head to just past the bend in the hook

Step 4

When you reach the bend of the hook, tie in some red, size small, mylar holographic tinsel and wrap your thread forward to the bead

Step 5

Now wrap the tinsel forward and tie off just behind the bead

Step 6

Wrap the gold wire forward, tie off and trim.  Then, using your thread, form a tapered thorax just behind the bead

Final Step

As the final step, apply Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails to give the fly even more shine and some durability

Fishing the Redd October

Although I've had good success fishing this fly while nymphing the Bow River, this fly is best fished in stillwaters one to two feet off any bottom structure under an indicator.  Little to no movement works best but don't be afraid to experiment as there are times quick short strips have good results.