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Hey Doc, 
I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the great web site you've created. I used to do all my fly fishing down south in rivers and streams and had no idea about the great lakes in my backyard. Since then I have been spending as much time as life permits catching beautiful Rainbow Trout. 
Thanks again, tight lines and we'll see you on the water one day 


Just a short note to thank you for your web site. I moved here from Ontario a year ago as the company I work for expanded. I still have my fly fishing equipment back in Ontario with my trailer which is going to be delivered here in the spring of 2009. I am very glad to find a web site that can answer my questions about places to fish. As with my job I am very busy most of the time and dont get away very often so a half hour to an hour drive is all I can afford to get away for and use most of the time for fishing not driving.

Steve Shepperdson

Hi, Mike,
A while back you gave me a hand getting signed up on the Northern Lights Forum, thanks again for that. I was in Calgary last week on business and had a chance to fish the Bow River for four hours, the first time in about twenty years, and also the first time with a fly rod. I wasn't getting anything on the flies suggested by the fellow at Country Pleasures, with no success. I thought it was because I wasn't doing something right as far as mending or whatever. So I tied on a variation of the Redd October, no bead, and almost immediately proceeded to catch two nice rainbows. My first trout on the Bow with the fly rod, and they were with a fly I tied. Talk about a feeling of satisfaction.
Thanks for the pattern. This Friday, back to Star, to try to catch the "salmon" that broke off on me last Monday.


Dan Straathof

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