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Finding Walter
Although newly stocked trout (stockers) are fairly easy to catch, many anglers report that the larger trout Ėthe Walters- in these stillwater fisheries are hard to find and not as cooperative as they should be.  Or maybe itís that the average fly angler doesnít know where to look...

Pothole Lakes: No Respect!
I hear it all the time.  You know; comments about the gooey Loon-crap bottoms, the rotten egg smell, the choking weeds, and the list goes on.  Pothole lakes really do get little respect but you may want to re-think just exactly what a pothole lake can mean to you.

Overlooking Midge Larva?
Bloodworms often get overlooked by many anglers but quite the opposite when it comes to feeding trout.

Float Tubes - The Good, Bad And Ugly
So how do you pick the one that's right for you?


The Muir Lake Project
A video about the restoration of a local trout fishery that's now producing trophy trout.

Pike On The Fly
Gear and tactics for catching pike on the fly with stillwater expert Phil Rowley

Flyin' The Bow
Fly fishing the lower Bow River below Carseland in the fall.

Video Blog #1
In Sept of '08.  I was asked to be a guest on The New Fly Fisher TV show by host Phil Rowley.
The show's premise was boatman and backswimmer patterns in the fall.  Here's a very short video
of a behind the scenes look.

Video Blog #2
A short video I shot while targeting Pike at Lake Wabamun with Phil Rowley and his son Brandon.

Video Blog #3
Another video on monster Pike at Wab.  Some good footage here.